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Because I can!

My goal for MiA's cookies is to spread the happiness that I get through little piles of sugar and most importantly, to create a life for myself that enables me to be my daughters number one supporter-hence the name MiA's. Why the capital A you might ask? I will give you one clue-my name is Allie. 

I have always been puzzled by the fact that at twenty five years old, I could only fill out "cleaning" and "spending time with my daughter" in the hobbies section of questionaries or applications. While those are great things to do, I wouldn't really consider them hobbies. Then I met a piping bag and some cookie dough. Making cookies my own is now my hobby. I love it, I look forward to it and my gosh some of them are cute! 

The beginning to it all. 

And why I should

My ultimate goal in my life, is to go home every day and feel like I made a difference in this world. I want nothing more than to be a nurse and thanks to these cookies, I have the chance to get my butt back in school. My cookies will work around my school schedule so the excuse of "I can't work and go to school" is out the window. Bring it on.