The Inspiration and her power to change the world

When I told Mia about my new business idea, she said to me,

"When do we get started?".

She decided that she wanted to help and not only help me, but help those that need it more than we ever have.

So Mia created her own line of cookies.

She makes the dough and decorates them however her heart desires.

What I admire most about Mia's cookie idea is that she decided she wants all of the money to go to her grandparents non-profit-The Butterfly Fund, helping children with catastrophic illnesses. 

She is your typical seven year old where she wants what she wants when she wants it, but her consideration of the well being of others amazes me every day.

She has the most amazing heart that I know will change the world.

I am definitely a very proud mother and she inspires me to be a better person every single day of my life.